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An RP Ciennas is trying to get sufficient interest to justify a thread for. It will cast players as advanced human mimicry machines called archetypes as they try to live in the corporation that built them.


Back Story

The world is unchanged from how it is right now. the technology has gone forward and gotten streamlined somewhat, but we are still dealing with essentially the exact same problems. Like, you know terrorists and such. One such group, called Phalanx, activated a large weapons platform network five and a half years ago. It was apparently destroyed by someone calling themself Cipher.

He was an Archetype, an advanced android with a full decision making capability. there are now three series of Archetypes- Genesis, Legacy and Destiny.

Destiny is the newest kind of Archetype, and possibly the last generation. Where the first two were secret ventures, the Destiny class was developed to be mass produced on a world market. It was devided into three sub categories, called models: Military, Industrial, and General Purpose.

However, the Regency Corporation isn't completely aboveboard in it's operations, and many illegal things happen in there.

We are all just being activated in the Regency Corporation, and are beginning to find out very shortly that it's not such a nice place to live.

Character classes

Your characters can be Human or Destiny Class Archetypes. A human is a standard human. an Archetype is above a human, in terms of punishment they can take and such, but they can't heal unless they manually repair themselves.

General Purpose- Most numerous produced, weakest in terms of everything else. Special Ability: Upgrade slots that allow different pieces of gear to be utilized, although originally weaponless, they have modified some systems to allow some defensive capability if necesary.

Industrial- Think Guts Man. Construction and massproduction jobs. Strong, but can take longer to repair damage.

Military- This was designed for armies to buy and stock up. These were the most expensive to produce, are the fewest in number, and have the more superhuman abilities in their possession.

Bunnies Interested

  • Atashi-Cloud
  • Dayantis (Pending flash of inspiration)

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